Embeding Pictures in Your Posts

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Embeding Pictures in Your Posts

Post by S Allen »

If you want to embed a picture file in your post and want pictures to display automatically in the post so that viewers do not need to click on any links, here are the basic steps:

In most cases

1. First off you must have your photos located on a web accessible host provider. There are many out there. You can upload pictures to the forum by attaching them. Pics will need to resized due the limits built in. 640x480 is optimal for web viewing. We also have a Gallery setup on that any one can use. Send me a PM and I will set you up an account. I closed off registrations due to all the spam bots. Link is here: http://www.311s.org/PhotoGallery

2. So with the above in mind--Go to your photo page.
Right-click the photo, and select Properties. You will see the URL of that photo.

2. Copy that web link/URL where your picture is located, and paste it in the post your are composing, for example:

http://www.311s.org/PhotoGallery/albums ... al_4~1.jpg

In some cases you will have a picture file extension (e.g. jpg, tif, gif) on that link --but that is not the case with the forum album.

http://www.311s.org/PhotoGallery/albums ... -09895.jpg

3. Highlight/select that link in the post and click on the Img button on the top. The picture link should look like this:


Use the IMG Tags Image ends the tag.
Note: I put spaces where they do not belong otherwise it would show the picture and not the code. You get the idea. :roll:

And it will show automatically as follows:


Note that the BBCode option in this forum should be ON by default. Again, please note that the picture that you post must be stored elsewhere and you cannot upload from your computer. There are plenty of free picture hosting sites. Just do a Google search to find them.

Addendum to the writeup compliments Brianbot:

The BBEdit code (which uses Image) doesn't seem to like image links that don't end in .jpg or .gif - an actual file extension. If you use Shutterfly, the solution for this to use HTML code instead - which may sound scary, but the code is not much more complicated...

So this won't work (as you've experienced):

But this HTML code will work:
<img src="http://im1.shutterfly.com/procserv/47b7 ... GjFq2bt2KA">

Post that HTML and you'll see that the image gets embedded and appears just fine (I have HTML disable in this one post so that you can see the actual code instead of the image).

Hope this helps in the future.
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