Posting Guidelines Updated 2021

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Posting Guidelines Updated 2021

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Advertising Posting Guidelines For Vendors

You are welcome to freely publish items you have for sale new OEM, reproduction or used as long as you follow a few simple rules:

Rule #1- Advertising is a privilege, not a right. Most forums do not allow it because of the problems it generates between competing vendors.

Rule #2-The moderators and admins are free to edit commercial posts at any time and at their discretion.

Rule will not be an arbitrator for issues between vendors period. If you have a problem with another vendor deal with it outside the forum. We will not get involved so do not ask.

Rule#4-No hijacking of threads trying to sell a product. You are welcome to PM all you want just do not try to make a sale within a discussion post. That is bad form.

Rule#5-There is no limit on the number of posts. Post as much and as often as you like.

Rule#6-You can put external links to your website.

Rule#7-If you would like to put a product review on the forum please use a customer's comments and maybe a write-up with pictures There is a section for Product Reviews which would make a great highlight for independently reviewed products. Again without reference to another vendors product.

Rule#8-Pre-production offers for products are okay. The sale of such goods will be between the vendor and the buyer to work out any issues that might arise. will have no involvement what so ever.

Rule#9-Ads will be purged every 90 days rolling in order to keep old ads from causing any issues.

Thank you!
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